Handbuilding for Adults

Day 1 (7-9pm):
We will explore lots of handbuilding techniques, making some dessert plates, maybe a tumbler, and whatever the group is interested in building! We will complete 1-2 projects, depending on the complexity.
Projects suggested:
1. one tumbler
2. 3 dessert plates
3. 6 pendants
4. 1 plate and 3 pendants

Day 2 (7-9pm):
We will be glazing our creations (they will be bisque fired, ready for glazing). You must schedule a pickup date to receive pottery once it has been fired in the kiln.

$50 per mom (covers teaching fee, clay, glaze, kiln firing costs)
Minimum suggested age: young at heart

Location: 7056 Wildlife Trail, Raleigh, NC 27613

Please contact Heidi if you are interested in scheduling a clay workshop. Minimum 2 students. Maximum 5-6 students.


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